Magnum Hunt Methodology

When you partner with Magnum Hunt, you are partnering with a recruitment agency dedicated to building ever-lasting partnerships and working to find the perfect fit for both clients and candidates.

Let’s get started by exploring your interest, skills and talents, supporting you on your journey to success.

We begin by asking you the right questions, understanding you exact requirements and goals, to build mutual employee-employer partnerships that drive success at all levels. Magnum Hunt, a reputed recruitment agency in North America, supports all individuals across different professions and businesses find their perfect match in terms of the brand, working environment, location, business values and social communication. You may ask what relays our employment agency differently…our perfect fit methodology.

Our Goal

We are here to solve your recruitment problems by offering strategic recruitment solutions for all your needs. In the process, keeping in mind the requirements of both the employer and the potential employee, we use advanced technological and human resource tools to identify the best qualified professionals for our clients.

What is our Perfect Fit Methodology?

Perfect Fit Methodology is a systematic vetting and selection process designed by Magnum Hunt with a remarkable success rate. Our agents are trained to sift through resumes, search engines and forums to access the best candidates followed by in depth interview to gauge the candidate’s suitability. We ensure that the potential employees have a clear understanding of the job, and possess all the desired requirements and qualifications before being offered for consideration to our clients.

We also ensure that our candidate fit in with the company. In addition to their qualifications and experience, we ensure that their behaviour and social communication characteristics are compatible to the company’s ethos and culture.

We serve the following industry verticals:

  • Technology
    • IT, Architecture, Development and Sales
  • Healthcare
    • Project management, Lab analysis.
  • Engineering
    • Architectural design, Chemical engineering.
  • Marketing
    • Coordinators, Social media.
  • Administration
    • Communication
  • Accounting
    • Auditors, Accountants, Clerks.
  • Finance
    • Controllers, Financial Analysts.
  • Sales
    • Inside sales, Sales Engineers.
  • Executives
    • o All Levels.
  • Supply Chain logistics
    • Inventory, Logistics.

Our methodology has consistently yielded successful outcomes; we are conscious of your requirement for working professionals to add value to your business, so let our services help you achieve these goals.

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At Magnum Hunt, we help you find your passion and deliver the best suited job for you. Get started on your journey to success by exploring your interest and talents. Submit your resume with all the pertinent details with us today, and see where life takes you!