Magnum Hunt Provides All-Out Staffing Solutions!

1 – 10 Aspects that Make Us A Preferred Staffing Solutions Provider

One Name You Can Count Upon For All Your Staffing Needs - Magnum Hunt

Magnum Hunt has simplified the staffing process for many companies across North America and has become their valued partner by helping them attract as well as retain top IT talent.

Two Types of Staffing Needs Filled - Permanent and Contract Staffing

We have access to valuable resources that can serve the Permanent Staffing as well as Contract Staffing needs of our clients. There is a seamless selection process in place to facilitate both.

Three Kinds of Relationship with Our Clients:

  1. Exclusive Relationship:There are some relationships that get nurtured in a way that there is complete trust at both ends. The magic of these relationships reflect in the quality of candidates retained. Once our clients see the value we bring on board, an exclusive relationship allows both parties to have a camaraderie that makes business easy, fun and profitable.
  2. Added Resource To The Existing HR team: Many of our clients have a fully functional HR team, and they choose to work in conjunction with us, simply because the management understands the value of the right candidate at the job. They cannot afford to miss out on the right candidate and they use our services to broaden their search options. Clients realize that it is not costly to work with us, rather it can be costly not to work with us. In the competitive world we live in, it is priceless to have the top talent working with us instead of our competition.
  3. Working with Multiple Vendors: People are different and so are company policies. Some companies choose to work with multiple vendors and there are pros and cons to that. We are happy to offer our services as from our past experience we are confident that we will be adjudged as top staffing resource, and will be relied upon for future staffing needs.

Four Pillars of Magnum Hunt:

  1. A company's biggest asset are its people
  2. Client time is extremely valuable, only the best fit must be presented
  3. Offer acceptance
  4. Follow Up

Six Reasons to Choose Magnum Hunt:

  1. Perfect Fit Methodology - The entire selection process has been reduced to a well documented proven system that is repeatable each time; hence proudly! Our 'Perfect Fit' Methodology.
  2. Excellent Return on Investment - We are committed to providing you resources that fit in the top 20% bracket who are responsible for the 80% value addition in your business.
  3. Competitive Service Charges - Our long standing clients can vouch for the fact that it is not costly to work with us, rather it is costly not to work with us.
  4. Negligible Fall Offs – Our placements have negligible fall offs due to our proven selection thus saving our clients significant turnover costs.
  5. Reliability - In our client's success lies ours, and we are happy to go that extra mile in meeting the pressing needs of our clients.
  6. Excellence - In service delivery from start to finish backed with a three-month guarantee.

Seven Stages of our Selection Process

  1. Understanding client needs and the job requirements
  2. Deploying appropriate search options to populate qualified candidates
  3. Qualifying and pre-screening the candidates
  4. Interviewing the short-listed candidates
  5. Scheduling Interviews and presenting select candidates
  6. Conducting reference checks, managing candidate expectations and preparing the finalized candidate for a successful start
  7. Post placement follow-up with the candidate

Eight Categories Illustrating the Roles That We Fill On a Regular Basis

  1. Design and Development
  2. Project Management
  3. Analysts
  4. Architects
  5. Consultants
  6. Business Development and technical Sales
  7. Network Administration and Support
  8. IT Managers and Executives

Some of the examples include competencies within: Information Workers Solutions, Infrastructure/Networking/ Data Management Solutions, Business Intelligence, SOA, Security, Mobility, Communications, Custom Development. We have placed candidates in Microsoft Dynamics Consulting, Implementation, Development, and Training. Other areas include DBA's, Technical sales, Mainframe, embedded systems, driver development, J2EE .Net framework Programmers Custom Development, Project Management, Analyst, Support, Implementation & many other specific roles."

Nine Examples of Verticals Utilizing Our Services

  1. Software development and allied services
  2. Networking and Infrastructure Support companies
  3. Hardware solution providers
  4. Financial Services
  5. Engineering
  6. Telecommunication
  7. Bio-Tech
  8. Business Services and Consulting
  9. Companies in other verticals having an staff of at least 5 people and more

Ten Digits to Call, To Initiate Your Staffing Simplification Process: